Just Be Yourself

People who are afraid to be themselves will work for those are not afraid, so your job is not to be like any other people, in fact, your job is to be unlike any other people as possible as you can be. Your only job while you are here on the planet, is to be good being you as they are being them. That is the deal.

How many times you said to someone, just be yourself or how many times you been told, just be yourself. Is because when you are yourself you are fabulous!.

There are two places in life that you are awesome to be yourself:

One is when you are kid.

And when you are elderly.


Your job is being better and better in being who you already are. And this is not a cosmetic exercise you are already different. Your job is to figure out who and then to be more of that. Because we all have our own thing, that is the magic, that everybody comes with their own sense of strength, their own kingdom, mine don’t compare with yours, or yours don’t compare with mine.

So be yourself more! 😉

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