Camel Posture (Ustrasana)


Ustrasana This is an important posture, as it preparas the body and the mind for more difficult backbending postures. It limbers the shoulders, opens the chest, and makes the lower back flexible.
Half Camel Pose

1) Kneel With the feet and knees together, the thighs and the body vertical. Have the tops of the feet on the floor so the toes point back. Place the hands on the hips, thumbs turned toward the spine and lift the torso from the base of the spine and pelvis, opening the chest.


Camel pose

2) Draw the abdominal muscles in toward the vertebral column. This protects the lower back while allowing the upper back to open deeply. While maintaining this muscle tension, move the hands away from the hips and reach back with the arms. Slowly drop back, reaching for the heels with the hands, eventually placing the palms on the soles of the feet, fingers pointing back.

Roll the shoulders back and lift up the lower ribs, arching the back as much as possible. Press the hips forward, so that the thighs are vertical.

Relax the buttocks. Tilt the head back without tensing the neck. Stretch the chin away. Stay for five to ten slow breaths.

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