Corporative Yoga

The bottom line of yoga is thorough mind-body balance, thus yoga at your office is guaranteed to increase creativity and productivity, decrease stress levels, reduce absenteeism, improve health and wellbeing, help employees that work long hours maintain focus and high performance levels.

YogaRuka offers singe and 10-class packages for your employees to enjoy yoga in the comfort and convenience of the workplace.

Facilitated by any of our teachers, in function of the required class typology. For very large teams (20+ people) two teachers will be dispatched.

Single Class Pack:

  • 1 class for small team (2-8 people): $210
  • 1 class for larger teams (9+ people): $300

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10 Class Pack (payable in two instalments):

  • 10-class pack for small team (2-8 people): $188/class
  • 10-class pack for larger teams (9+ people): $255/class

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