Please read carefully the terms and conditions between you and RuaYoga for all bookings. These terms and conditions apply equally to all participants of different nationalities. Your contract will be legislated by the EU law. Those who make their reservation must accept the following terms and conditions.

1. Booking:

(A) The initial deposit is £125. A 4% PayPal processing fee will be added before payment, to the total of £130.
(B) Your payment is refundable up to 60 days before the start date of yoga retreat, after that date the course can be changed by another course or person according to our availability and discretion. Refunds of payments are charged at 50 pounds as a cancellation fee. Cancellation charges are detailed in section 7.
(C) The reservation will not be considered effective until we confirm via email that we have received the deposit payment set correctly.
(D) KPYI or RuaYoga do not store any banking data or share personal customer information with third parties.

2. Payment:

(A) KPYI & RuaYoga must receive the exact amount of £125 at the time of booking, regardless of changes in currency or third party charges at the time of payment or transfer. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please inform your bank that all transfer fees are to be charged to you, in order to prevent that KPYI & RuaYoga receive a diminished amount.

(B) You may make full payment or deposit of the yoga retreat by bank transfer. We will email you our banking details on request. We will contact you when we have received the income. In case that you do not receive news from us, please contact us via email, telephone or other means.

(C) In function of the time of your booking as it appears on your PayPal slip or bank transfer slip, your will qualify as very early bird, early bird or regular. The difference to pay before the commencement of the retreat will therefore be

  • £425 – very early bird
  • £460 – early bird
  • £525 – regular

regardless of changes in currency or third party charges at the time of payment or transfer.

(D) If you make a booking on behalf of several individuals you will be entitled to a discount of £25 per individual up to a maximum discount of £200. e.g. If you are an early bird and you bring with you 3 friends, or you recommend the retreat to 3 people that will consequently all subscribe and notify us of your recommendation, the cost of the retreat for you becomes £585 – (3x£25) = £510.

(E) You can pay the remaining of the retreat cost at any time before the retreat, by PayPal or bank transfer; or you can pay the remaining amount by PayPal or in cash upon arrival at El Grazalema house.

3. Accommodation:

(A) Share a room with a stranger: If you are traveling alone and would like to share a room with another traveler to reduce your expenses, please provide at the time of booking via email gender preferences of the other person. If any other traveler request for a room share, we will tell you as soon as possible. The amount you need to pay on arrival cash withdrawal will be recalculated, or in case that you have already made full payment by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card, you will be reimbursed for the differences in an individual to double room, accordingly.
(B) SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: If you want a single room please inform us correspondingly when we contact you after the booking.

4. Your Travel Arrangements:

All transport costs from home to our yoga retreat are not included in the price. KPYI & RuaYoga are not responsible for any consequence stemmed by cancellations or delays of any travel company you hire, or any irregularity in the documentation required for the trip. Transportation to and from the yoga retreat is not included, unless we explicitly specify it.

5. Travel Insurance:

(A) It is your responsibility to have travel insurance to cover for any activity proposed in the yoga retreat that you book as well as potential losses, cancellations, illness or damage and risks.

5.1 Your Health

(A) It will be only your responsibility to consult a doctor with knowledge of yoga to verify that you are in good health for yoga and other physical activities that KPYI & RuaYoga book under your request. (e.g. mountain hiking, horse riding, aso.)
(B) We request that you inform us if you have any health problems before booking your place in our yoga retreat. If you have health problems that may be affected by the activities of the yoga retreat, KPYI & RuaYoga reserve the right to advise not to participate in it, and could deny your participation to the yoga asana classes if we believe they may represent a risk to your physical health.
(C) If you feel any discomfort, pain or injury during any of the activities of the yoga retreat, the activity must stop as soon as possible and you must contact a member of our staff.
(D) Although KPYI, RuaYoga & Lucia Yoga (host) take all necessary measures to ensure high standards of health and safety, some of our retreats may be located in rural areas close to the wilderness, therefore we are not responsible for injuries suffered as a result of adventuring in the wild.
(E) It shall be the responsibility of women who are over 12 and 28 weeks of gestation, to send a letter written by their doctor to confirm they are fit for travel and performing the activities we offer. It is better that those pregnant women who wish to attend the yoga retreat have practiced yoga before.

6. Passports, visas and health requirements.

It is the responsibility of all passengers, according to the type of passport you have, to check with the consulate whether a tourist visa is required. Due to visa regulations and health requirements that can change frequently, it is recommended that you check as soon as possible whether the application for a tourist visa or any health requirements are necessary. KPYI & RuaYoga are not to be held responsible if you are traveling without proper health documentation and the correct passport or visa. In this case you are expected to pay the costs of assistance to solve these problems.

7. Cancellation by you:

You can cancel your reservation at any time. You can just send the cancellation to us in writing via email. The cancellation will take effect at the time KPYI & RuaYoga send an email confirming the cancellation of the reservation. Cancellation charges are £50. If you cancel less than 60 days before the start of the yoga retreat, you will lose your deposit completely. However, you can cede your place to another person who needs to contact us as soon as possible and end the payment of the yoga retreat as soon as possible to reserve his/her place. Returns and refunds are usually performed within 15 working days after you receive our message of confirmation of the cancellation. Once the yoga retreat has begun, if for any reason you have to leave earlier, KPYI & RuaYoga cannot repay any compensation. In Terms of cancelling the retreat once started, if you are covered by your travel insurance, it is suggested you make appropriate insurance claims. We do not assume international bank transfer costs or any transaction fees for any kind of cancellation (Retreat bookings, missed classes or others).

8. Amendments by KPYI & RuaYoga:

Sometimes KPYI & RuaYoga might have to make some changes to class times, assistent yoga teachers or other arrangements. KPYI & RuaYoga reserve the right to make changes at any time (e.g., for yoga teachers, class schedules, other activities, etc.). In the case of accommodation changes we will do everything possible to offer you a room of similar category. In case of any other major changes, we will inform you as soon as possible, if possible before your voyage starts.

9. Cancellation by KPYI & RuaYoga:

The yoga retreats of Lucia Yoga require a minimum of participants, if that goal is not reached KPYI & RuaYoga reserve the right to cancel returning in full the cost of the retreat to its subscribers. We reserve the right to cancel yoga retreats in all circumstances, in which case we will refund 100% of the money received by each user in a maximum of 15 working days.

10. Our liability to you:

(A) KPYI & RuaYoga are responsible for ensuring that our yoga retreats run as close as possible to what is advertised on this website, on the Lucia Yoga website and on any other platforms, and the services offered are carried out under very high quality standards. (B) Lucia Yoga does not accept any liability for cancellations, threat of war, or delays caused by war, terrorist actions or threats, industrial action, civil strife, closure of airports, technical problems to transport, natural disasters, unforeseen changes in your circumstances, or other events beyond our control.
(C) KPYI & RuaYoga are not responsible for any physical or psychological injury that you may have. You are responsible for the possible risks that you may take during a yoga lesson. We are not responsible for any medical or psychological condition that you can develop during the yoga retreat. We are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of personal belongings.

11. Group Bookings:

When a booking is made on behalf of several individuals, the reservation is responsible for the person signing on behalf of others, being authorized by the other members. Each group member must pay his deposit. In case of special offer for groups, this discount will not be included in the deposit, it will be apply in the final price to be paid upon arrival at the yoga retreat or 60 days in advance by bank transfer. If any of the members canceled after 60 days before the start of the yoga retreat, you will lose your deposit unable to transfer money to any other member of the group, but you can invite someone else to take your place. If a member of the group canceled 60 days before the start of the yoga retreat, you may use this deposit to complete the payment of any other group members.

12. Complaints:

If you have any issues related to your yoga retreat, please inform us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help correct the situation. Please understand that KPYI & RuaYoga are not liable for the inappropriate behavior of individual members of the group or another participant to the retreat that might share the room with you.

13. Legal Disclaimer:

The information contained in this website is for general information on matters of interest. Given the changing nature of the rules, regulations and laws of electronic communication, there may be omissions or misunderstandings on the information displayed on this website. In this respect, this information is given with the understanding that the authors can not offer advice or services. Before taking any decision you should consult RuaYoga first. Although we have made every effort to ensure the reliability of this information, all information provided on this website is offered at computer level, with no guarantee of accuracy or timeliness of the results obtained from the use of this information without guarantee for a particular purpose.
Never RuaYoga partners, agents or employees will be liable to you or any other person for decisions made in relation to the information provided on this site, as well as for any damage as a result of it. RuaYoga works with other websites maintained by third parties which RuaYoga has no control over. Therefore we are not responsible for the information appearing on these other sites.

14. Privacy Policy:

RuaYoga does not share any customer data bank with third parties. All personal details that you provide to us will be used only to provide the service you request from us. RuaYoga does not register your personal data, except for the IP address in order to perform statistical analysis of the functional use of the website, such as length of visits and common routes. This information is used only for administrative purposes and management of the RuaYoga website. This privacy policy does not cover other links to third websites.